4 Palettes Worth the Splurge

Let’s face it, an eye shadow palette is always a splurge. Whether it is from the drugstore or from the counters at Nordstrom, we get into a routine of using a handful of colors and leave the rest for the inspiring YouTube tutorial. Brands launch new palettes every season, so which ones are worth it?

Too Faced Sweet Peach and Semi Sweet Chocolate 

The scented palettes Too Faced brings out are always a good purchase. The eyeshadow quality is amazing and can be used from beginner to professional. My top recommendations are the Semi-Sweet Chocolate palette and the Sweet Peach! The Semi sweet is on the cool toned side; it has the BEST shades for the crease. The Sweet Peach is the warm toned  palette I LOVE. It’s so nice and easy to work with. The scents last a long time too; the chocolate is the oldest palette I own and she still smells incredible!

Carli Bybel Palettes:

Affordable quality sums up the BH Cosmetics palettes. I got the Carli Bybel palette to be a supporter and fell in LOVE. This is my go-to everyday palette for work. On top of quality and price, the palette also comes with highlights!

Makeup Revolution:

Holy cow this palette is the definition of longevity. Of course, I got the Ultra Eye Contour and Light & Shade  palette because it looks like the Kat Von D Shade and light eye palette, but at half the price. I wasn’t expecting the shadows to be so long wearing. It lasted a full day at Disney World, sweat and all. No creasing, and she stayed looking fresh (can’t say that for the rest of my makeup).

April Favorites

A video that isn’t 16 minutes long?? Have I mastered the art of editing or the art of not rambling???

Anyways hello,  My April favorites video is live!!!

Links to everything I talked about:

Clinique take the day off

Morhpe M441

Morphe R31 

Stila Shadow

Sweet Peach Palette 



Frick n’ Frack





MAC Lipstick Collection

I’ve been collecting MAC lipsticks since I was in high school. It’s not a massive collection, but I love them and I have shades I actually want to use.

Persistence: This is the newest edition to the family. The website describes it as a peachy cinnamon color, and I call it  my perfect nude. I’ve been using persistence the most frequently because it’s such an everyday color for me. Persistence is a matte finish but still super comfortable to wear all day long.


Del Rio: Del Rio is my favorite lipstick when I want a nice everyday color. I like to layer her underneath my Nyx matte liquid lipstick in french maid to make everything more comfortable. The color is described as a muted plum brown and is a satin finish.


Stone: Stone is what I use when I want a full on spice girls 90’s lip. My skin tone pulls the brown color more heavily than the taupe that others tend to get out of it. It is a matte finish (are we sensing a trend?) and a muted greyish taupe brow (straight from mac cosmetics website).


Rebel: My first love. Rebel is the first MAC lipstick I’ve ever owned and I have worn her to DEATH. I got her when I was into super bold lips because I couldn’t blend eye shadow. At one point, I would wear rebel every single day.


Viva Glam 1: This is my perfect red lipstick. It felt good to buy it because MAC donates money to an AIDS charity whenever someone buys products from the viva glam line.


Spring Haul!!

So I did some shopping over the past month and a half… The good news is that I’ll have a ton of inspiration for new posts and videos for the next few weeks. The bad news is that now I have to find a new reason to justify my purchases lol. I filmed a video hauling my nw stash I will leave links to everything I showed in the description box of the video as well as here, happy watching!


Carli Bybel Palette

Makeup Revolution Palette

Costa Riche eyeliner 

Painterly Paint Pot

Fix Plus Spray 

H&M dresses 

H&M  Tops 

Forever 21 Shirts 

Forever 21 Jacket 

Forever 21 Cardigan 

Aldo Yalissa Shoes 


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

It has been about 8 months since I started using the NYX micro brow pencil. I enjoyed having the sparse areas filled in but I was not in love with the pencil.  The darkest color was too dark but the shade below it was too brown. I thought I would enjoy the super fine tip but it took too long to fill in a few bald spots and the arch. Anastasia Beverly Hills was the next step for me because:  1.) Everyone and their mama has  given them pretty stellar reviews, and 2.) They are more affordable than Benefit’s eyebrow products.


So what I got:

I went for the Brow Definer in Ebony.

What I liked:

From the first swatch at Ulta, I already liked the color match. The color was dark with a brownish tinge to it.  The triangle shaped nib made everything go a lot quicker and she made it easier to define my (nonexistent) arches! The brush the definer comes with is bigger than the micro brow pencil. It made brushing hairs into place is a lot easier for me. I do enjoy the longevity of the brow definer. It lasted a total of 6 hours.


*I just noticed that on camera there is literally no difference between my filled brows and my naked brows. I don’t have good comparison pictures but TRUST me its a good product.* 


Before ABH
After ABH


What I didn’t like:

There are some concerns like: The pencil will inevitably lose its shape with use. Will I still be able to get  the definition I am getting now? How long the pencil will last me is another concern.This isn’t a cheap product and there isn’t a lot of it ( .007 oz. ).

Overall: I am in LOVE with the Brow Definer. I will try to get the Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil to compare!

The Foundation Struggle

There is a problem that has plagued me since I got into personal style and makeup. It’s something that exercise, diet, or exfoliation has been able to fix. I am ALWAYS in between either two sizes of clothing, or two shades of foundation. Today (or when ever you read this post) I will complain about finding a foundation, because I spent almost two hours at the MAC counter trying to match myself to a foundation.


The hero of the day was the lovely makeup artist that didn’t give up until we found something that worked for me. Her passion was palpable, and she really knew what she was doing.  When it comes to my skin, I am mostly yellow based, or warm toned, but I also have enough of a red base (cool tone) to make finding a good match a mission. The Estee Lauder double wear foundation had the closest match for me. Just the foundation itself worked for a few years, but it was never a spot on match. The hefty $40 price tag that came along with it was the main reason to leave my comfort zone and start my journey with foundation over again.





What I now know, is that I will always have to pair a yellow based foundation to a neutral powder.  I went with the studio fix liquid foundation in NC44 and the powder from the same line in C6. The part that I didn’t like was paying more than I originally wanted to, but for a little more I was able to get two products. I know that I won’t run out of both at the same time, so there is some wiggle room. If you have this issue like I do, go ahead and get yourself to a makeup counter. You may not be happy with the price tag, but it’ll be worth it.

Primers for Oily and Dehydrated Skin

For those of us with combination skin types, it is near impossible to find products that will meet our needs. Cosmetic and skin care brands do their absolute best to provide the best of both worlds, but sometimes, it is difficult to make our skin happy.  I want to make a series out of these little posts. It will be my mission to find products that will help hydrate my skin, and keep the shine at bay. Today, I start with primers.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray


Too Faced Hangover Rx Replenishing Face Primer


Benefit the Porefessional Matte Reascue

I tend to  do my makeup later in the day before work  (I work evenings). To refresh the face and start preparing for makeup, I spray on a little of the Mario Badescu rose water spray. It feels heavenly, wakes me up a little,  and my skin comes to life. It is also super affordable, which is always a plus!! Then I use not one, but two primers. Excessive I know, but it works, so why not? The Too Faced Hangover Rx primer is incredibly hydrating, feels like a moisturizer, and smells like coconut ( it has coconut in it- go figure). I put on that one first to have a good hydrating base. Next comes the Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue primer. This gel-creme (very important) primer helps mattify and blur before foundation, and keep it matte. Because it is a gel formula, the primer feels light, unlike like other matte primers. I love this the most because I use a heavy foundation, and not having to add heavy primers underneath makes everything so much more comfortable.

Now, these two are not the most affordable. The Too Faced primer runs at $32 without tax, and the Benefit primer costs $28 without tax.  Buy the minis, especially if you’ve never tried them . In Ulta, I found miniatures of the Hangover Rx for $15 and the Matte Rescue for $10. They do come with less product, but it’s better than nothing. Let me know if you tried these and what you thought of them!