Back to School Makeup 

So for those of you that can manage your time and can do makeup before school, this is for you! Base: stick to a bb cream because it takes no time to blend out, and has sun protection (always important) . Then, use concealer to make it look like you got 8 hours of sleep. […]

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Tresemme Transformed my Hair

My hair story isn’t too different from others that have super curly, super thick hair, and a lot of it. Frizz and humidity are enemy #1,  gel and mousse help  A LOT, but there is always that lingering fear of going from beautiful mane to unkempt mess at the sight of a rain cloud. I […]

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Vintage Finds at the Library

Before getting into this post, how old does something need to be for it to be considered vintage? Let me know  Working in a library has many book nerd perks. My favorite is seeing the withdrawn books before they go out on a cart for people to take home. This week I spotted two books […]

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